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Friday night - meet at the designated place and time (usually 6:30 or 7:00pm)

Sunday - you will be brought home.  Your parents don't pick you up, unless they are designated drivers

Drivers are always needed to transport Scouts to and from the campout


Everyone gets a turn to do the shopping for the patrol.  The patrol leader assigns a shopper.  Each Patrol has a cooler; please make sure you bring it home with you the meeting before the campout.  You are then responsible for cleaning it and bringing it back on the meeting after the campout.  Soda is not allowed.  Candy & chips are permitted in small amounts.  Dinner must be cooked at the campsite.  Pre-prepared food for dinner is NOT an option (unless told otherwise). 


You will be expected to do your share of the work.  This includes: gathering wood, preparing food, cooking, cleaning-up, putting up & taking down tents. 

You are responsible for your own belongings.

If you don’t know how to do something, ask your Patrol Leader or Assistant Patrol Leader.  If you have an issue, try to resolve it with your Patrol Leader or SPL.  If you still have a problem, come talk to one of the Scoutmasters. 

Come directly to an adult if you think you are not being treated properly.

Rank advancement is your responsibility.  ASK a higher-ranking Scout to “sign you off” when you finish a requirement.  Adults cannot “sign you off” on requirements.  You will be required to prove you know the skill.  Be Prepared!

Bring your Boy Scout book to all meetings and camping.

You will make mistakes.  It’s OK.  That’s how you learn. 

You need to earn your Fireman Chit, in order to start a fire or use matches.

You need to earn your Toten Chip in order to use a knife, hatchet or saw.